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Flyr Labs
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FLYR Labs, Inc.
Extraordinary Vision
AI based Revenue Optimization
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Extraordinary Growth
Cloud Storage Platform
BiteSquad – Food Delivery (sold to Waitr)
Extraordinary Scale
VR Chat
VR Chat –
Extraordinary Technology
Virtual Reality Social Network
FlipGrid –
Network App
(sold to Microsoft)
Extraordinary Connections
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Xplore, Inc. –
Extraordinary Growth
Long Range Spacecraft
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Helping Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Build Exceptional Companies

Our Focus

Brightstone currently manages a $100 million venture fund focused on early-growth stage investment opportunities. We leverage the deep operating experience and successful investment background of the Fund’s partners, primarily focused on investing in the following sectors:


  • Data Storage and Management
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Enterprise Security
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Marketplaces

Life Sciences

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Stem Cell
  • Next Gen Diagnostics
  • Genomics/Gene Editing
  • Medical Device
  • Drug Discovery Tools and Platforms
  • Personalized Medicine

David Dalvey

15 Years Venture Fund Partner experience
10 years Technology Investment Banking
33 years corporate board director/advisor
25 years portfolio management experience with technology and life-science businesses.
Director roles with Homespotter, Definity Health, AppTec Laboratories, Navarre Corp., chf Solutions, Agiliti, Nature Vision, Celcuity and Bite Squad.

[email protected]

Patrick O'Shaughnessy

12 Years venture investment and investment banking experience
16 years early stage management as CEO, COO, VP Sales/Marketing, VP Finance
Experience in Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Life Sciences and Consumer Products

[email protected]

Jeff Cowan

30 years venture finance/investment in early to mid-stage businesses
30 years experience founder/manager with Fin-Tech, cybersecurity and AI life-science industries
Co-Founded/managed financial services company for 20 years until acquired by Hitachi in 2016
Co-Founded/managed A.I. Healthcare firm sold in 3rd year of ops for $120 million

Our Advisors

Tom Kieffer
John Erb
John Erb
David Novak
David Novak
Tony Petelin
Tony Petelin
Grant Mitchell
Grant Mitchell
Mark Christopherson
Mark Christopherson
Joe Sriver
Joe Sriver

Our Portfolio

  • VRchat

  • Celcuity

  • Bite Squad

  • StemoniX

  • Wasabi

  • CNEX Labs

  • Gravie

  • Miromatrix

  • Homespotter

  • Flipgrid

  • CodeStream

  • Viosera

  • Intact

  • Aria CV

  • Eternal

  • Cryosa

  • Afriex

  • Xplore

  • Mosaic

  • Flyr Labs

  • Brilliant

  • CREXi

  • Versus Game

  • LifeLens

  • Vori Health